Is the capital of the state of Amazonas and was carved out of the heart of the Amazonian wilderness at the confluence of the Rio Negro and the Amazon. Manaus enormous wealth came from the export of rubber in the late 1800's.

Today the center of a rapidly developing region, the city boasts its old-world mansions and monuments, now set among skyscrapers. The finest example of architecture from this period is the Teatro Amazonas - the opera house - an impressive neoclassical structure built with materials imported from Europe.

The city of Manaus has become an ideal starting point to adventure into the exciting and exotic green world of the Amazon basin. Riverboats can be taken through the myriad of tributaries, estuaries and small creeks, where the richest wildlife can be seen.

Some of the available tours and/or shore excursions:
MAN-1, Manaus City Tour
MAN-2, Amazon River Cruise
MAN-3, Alligator Spotting Tour
MAN-4, Inpa Institute & Science Museum
MAN-5, Opera House Orchestra Presentation
MAN-6, Opera House Folk Show Presentation
MAN-7, Jungle Lodge Overnight

Amazon Ecopark
Ariaú Jungle Tower
Tropical Manaus


In addition to these regular excursions, we also offer a series of Adventure Tours in the state of Amazonas.

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