Salvador, Brazil's former colonial capital, lies on beautiful Todos os Santos Bay. This is a striking city and the largest in the northeast, with a population of more than 2,300,000. Its strong African influence derives from the slaves brought to work in the construction of the city, capital of Brazil for over 200 years and for the Portuguese landlords for 4 centuries.

With a population dominantly black, their rich cultural heritage is evident in music, dance, cuisine and Candomble religion. The African cultures greatly contrast with the enduring Portuguese flavor of the city's colonial past. Just like in Rio, the people of Salvador know how to celebrate life. They also have their own Carnival at the beginning of each year, not to be missed.

Salvador is divided into an upper and lower section. The multicolored homes, red-tiled roofs, a great market, twisting and narrow cobblestone streets, beaches, old squares and nearly 300 churches are all easily visited on foot.

Some of the available tours and/or shore excursions:
SAL-1, Salvador City sights
SAL-2, Full Day tour with lunch
SAL-3, Bahia by night

In addition to these regular excursions from Salvador, we also offer a series of special Interest Tours in the state of Bahia.

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5 * 

Convento do Carmo
Pestana Bahia
Sofitel Salvador
Stella Maris
Tivoli Praia do Forte
Boutique Hotel

4 * 
Blue Tree Salvador
Eco Atlântico - Praia do Forte
Sol Bahia Atlântico
Sol Victória Marina
Sol Barra
Tropical da Bahia
Bahia Mar
Vilamar Salvador
Inns / Pousadas 
Casa das Portas Velhas
Casa do Amarelindo
Catarina Paraguaçu
Solar do Campo
Vila Bahia